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2020-21 stats: 31.3 ppg, 4.7 rpg, 4.4 apg, 2.2 3PTM, 48.5 FG% Coming off the first All-NBA campaign of his career, Bradley Beal has firmly established himself as the second-best shooting guard in basketball over the past few seasons, making his place in this ranking unsurprising. Beal ranked second in the league in scoring last year, barraging his opponents out of the pick-and-roll, in isolation and transition, and spotting up with his feet set after coming off screens. Overall, Beal has become one the most well-rounded explosive scorers in basketball, averaging nearly 31.0 points per game over the past two campaigns. Between 2019-20 and 2020-21, only the equally explosive Damian Lillardhas scored more total points than Beal, 3,906 to 3,619 respectively, which goes to show just how proficient Beal's bucket-getting has been recently. The ways he does is scoring - giving full-out effort on every single play, whether he has the ball or not, running around, coming off screens, attacking the basket viciously – has been beyond impressive, too. Frankly, it looks exhausting, so kudos to Beal for being able to play that hard for roughly 36 minutes nightly. It's that level of scoring, as well as his underrated playmaking and defense, that has made Beal one of the two best shooting guards in the NBA since 2019-20. For the latest Bradley Beal rumors, click here.

Bradley Beal and Spencer Dinwiddie are gearing up for their first season together on the Wizards in the same way most NBA players do; pickup games. 

A lot of ink has been spilled on why the Boston Celtics underperformed in 2020-21, and the expectations for their coming season have perhaps been affected by Boston’s underwhelming play last season. But is it fair to expect the Celtics to reproduce another .500 season given all the issues the team had with COVID-19, injury, and roster construction?

“Absolutely. I’ve actually talked to him, personally, about this,” Curry told NBC Sports Bay Area. “He’s at the point now where he can look back and talk about that with some authority and experience.NBA Tapestry

Despite all that, the 32-year-old guard has averaged a triple-double in four of the last five seasons, which is just an absurdly staggering stat for anyone to display.NFL Tapestry


Do all these changes make the Celtics one of the top four teams in the Eastern Conference entering the 2021-22 season?NBA Tapestrys

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Maybe in theory, yes. Especially because I’ve heard the Bulls want to play a lot faster and have Ball push the pace. But he can still be a great trail option in such situations. And I see a lot of open shots for him with the amount of attention that DeRozan and LaVine command. Plus, Ball is such a willing facilitator. Let’s see how the games play out.Horizontal Tapestry


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